The University Transition Program supports academically gifted adolescents achieve their goals of early entrance to university.  Unique in BC and Canada, this two-year program was initiated in 1993 by the Vancouver School Board in partnership with The University of British Columbia.  Since 1995 the BC Ministry...

2013 - 2014  Dates

International Global Citizenship Tour July 2013:  St. Petersburg, Prague, and Berli

Fall Camp:  Rock Ridge Canyon, September 23 - 26

IEP Meetings and Campus Day Visits:  October 28 - 29

Transition PAC Potluck Winter Social:  December 18

Ski Day Field Trip:  February 12 - 13

Bamfield Marine Center and Pachena Bay Camping and West Coast...


Commencement Address, Graduation 2010

Dr. Tom Roeder, Graduate of 1995

Good afternoon, everyone; I'm glad to have the opportunity to speak to you, albeit remotely. Almost 15 years ago today, I gave a talk at m own graduation from Transition; memory being what it is, I can't remember exactly what I said. I kept a backup of the written version, but a few years after the talk, one of my brothers wrote over the floppies on which I was backing up my files, and the disk they were stored on got wiped, so I no...